Organic Pomegranats


Pomegranate are commercially grown across India particularly in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu states of India. 

Ganesh and Bhagawa these two varieties are grown commercially and mainly exported from India. 

Ganesh (Avg weight 200-400 gms) has yellowish pink outer skin colour and its arils are pink in colour. 

Bhagwa (Avg weight 250-300 gms) is a very attractive red colour which looks like Saffron and its arils are a cheery red colour which excellent taste. 

Ganesh has very thick skin which allows longer shelf life which is a significant advantage for export and domestic market.

Organic Cashew Nuts


The Indian Cashew has very good taste and has a stain-free profile as compare to other parts of the world. 

In India mainly Cashews are grown in Goa, Maharashtra and some southern states. 

India has perfect climatic and soils conditions for the growth of cashews. The fruit of the cashew is called Cashew Apple or Cashew Fruit.

Cashew Grades 

· W 180

· W 210

· W 240

· W 320

· W 400

· SW 210/180

· SW 240/320



W- White Wholes

SW- Scorched Wholes

Organic Mango


Mango is the most important fruit of India and is known as “King of fruits”. 

All Mango varieties grown in India are very delicious. India proudly occupies top position in total production among mango growing countries of the world.

India cultivates a wide variety of mangoes; some of them are very colorful and attractive with par excellence edible quality. 

Different varieties of Mangoes are cultivated across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu states in India.

Mango farmers of Alphonso and Kesar are already being trained in GLOBALGAP requirements.

Types Mangoes and Availability

· Kesar

· Pairi-April- June

· Kesar

· Rajapuri-April- July

· Anganpalli

· Totapuri

· Neelum- April- June

Organic Himalayan Black Salt


The raw material for producing kala namak was originally obtained from natural halite, from mines in India locations of the Himalayas salt ranges, or from salt harvested, from the North Indian salt lakes of Sambhar Salt Lake or Didwana.

Our Himalayan Black Salt Products are made of 100% natural Himalayan Black Salt imported from India. 

It contains multiple health benefits when used regularly. 

Black Salt can be used to replace your regular table salt and it could be used in a variety of ways.

Organic Turmeric


India is the largest producer and exporter turmeric in the world. 

Turmeric is widely used as a major condiment in cooking across the world. 

It has sharp and earthy in flavor. 

It complements any kind of rice, lentil, or vegetable dishes. 

It should, however, be used sparingly. 

Turmeric can be cultivated organically as an inter-crop along with other crops provided, that all the companion crops are also organically grown. 

It has been used to treat a variety of ailments. 

Taken internally, Turmeric is widely used in medicines to treat headaches, diarrhea, flatulence, colds and fevers, bronchitis, leprosy, colic, kidney inflammation and cystitis.  

Organic Pepper


Black Pepper is the dried mature berry of Piper nigrum, a climbing, perennial shrub mostly found in hot, moist region of Southern India.