Pragasy visit Organic Trade Fair

Organic is more than a label or certification: organic stands for quality and conviction

BIOFACH in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg is the place where people share their passionate interest in organic food, get to know each other and exchange views, and this since 1990...


World's Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food

World Economic

India will overtake the US economy by 2030


A new world economic order is in the making, with today’s emerging markets, including India, at the heart of it.

India is likely to become the world’s second-largest economy by  2030, next only to China and overtaking the US, according to Standard  Chartered’s long-term forecast released on Jan. 08. The UK-based  multinational bank also predicts that based on nominal GDP using  purchasing power parity exchange rates, China will overtake the US by  2020...


The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation

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Pragasy ships Indian pomegranates to Hamburg from December


Fresh Plaza - focust on the global fruits and vegetables branches.